Split HR​/​RH

by Hellraiser

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Hellraiser Windsor, Ontario

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Track Name: Perdition
I've got a date with consequence,
all her weight's pushing down on my chest.
Can't stop thinking, this is where I'll take my final steps

Feeling so worn, but warm
contemplation leaves me blue in the face and I'm torn;

red lines cross my sight
and my pores have leaked
every single disgrace I've faced since I was born

Find me in empty cemeteries
I'll dig the mass graves and spit where you'll all lay

Realized infinity, hostile divinity
(call me what you want)
Endless possibility fuels empty apathy
(but please don't sell me for short)

I was a stranger before I was man,
but I've been crossed out again
and I was there and watched you burn in the streets
you sold me at their feet

and it appears our fears are confirmed
as red bleeds to white, as their impulses burn
I feel no divinity, I see no morality
and it's apparent we will never learn
as ashes flicker, leaving all of our worth
because people always want more
it's us against them and we're destined for war, for warmth

feel the heat, trailing beneath
feel the warmth, like nothing before

destined for warmth
Track Name: Seduction
"my best years behind me, felt in this horrible afterthought,
i can never unsee the writing in blood on the cool tiled wall,
unseen by all else, as i collapse-
writhing, unsteady in entropy,
and eroded under the past and the moon,
i never knew either to be this hollow
i crawl onward in search of lost time
(who i am)
i am a blackguard and in no way special
(what i was)
i was apart, contented
(what i've lost)
i've lost the substance of times resplendent
(and what i've become)
weighted and made faint by years of erosion
in search of lost time"

Falling victim to conscience in a city of strangers
I plunged too far, too fast, I met my maker.
My face was sunken and my body bent double
as I gazed at myself with hatred and humbled I grinned
and let myself into places stepped some long time before
I knew the scent and I knew the anger I saw the blood on the walls saying:

"Sweet glory, look where we are again,
back to the broken land"
Some were chosen but "we" are one in the same
fueled by nature, broken on high steeples of shame.
Life seemed hollow, but now I'm finding relief.


I was simply yearning for the end, clarity, or at least a little relief.
The lights gone shallow, and now I'm haunted by thieves


I guess it's just a violent waste of time and I'm so afraid. (Introspections left me crawling blind)
I've lost myself in my hatred and shame,
acting on my worst inhibitions I've come to accept strange superstitions.
Come to terms with sinful providence.
A conscience clearer my judgement remains always a waste, unbroken, alone.

Who I am, what I was, what I've lost, and what I've become: nothing.