by Hellraiser

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released March 12, 2013

Engineered by: Milan Sarkadi
Mixed by: Josh Kaiser
Produced by: Hellraiser



all rights reserved


Hellraiser Windsor, Ontario

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Track Name: Amends Unsaid
Cheated out of long last days, a sickness retreats beneath trembling feet,
but mediocrity always seems to set things straight
I'll fail to make a face to meet the faces I'll meet,
I'll leap casually into careless defeat, retreat

Can't seem to make amends for every word unsaid or every second guess,
a slow death is beckoning, I think I'm losing my grip, but never giving in

One more time for the suffering to end, one more time for my old friends
but never again will I try to find whats left
What I have left are only sentiments, because I left them for dead
and most things are better left unsaid

Can't seem to make amends for every word unsaid or every second guess,
a slow death is beckoning, I think I'm losing my grip, but never giving in

giving up, or missing it, it seems I've shaped my own suffering
a slow life – that will never end, moving forward but going nowhere again

I always knew that I would never find the time
or even see what's left behind
and now I'm searching for the line
between true loss and lost time – lost my mind...
Track Name: Cosmic Lung
Safely strung out, gripping tight like a noose
still searching for the only proof; I mean, that I'm alive
and humanity is breathing
without me, who are you?

And now, lust lies bleeding, and I'm stuck here repeating:

I never needed your acceptance, or your empty gestures.

Bide your time
(Set free from)
To find what's right to gain their affection at once
(Set free from fleeting responsibility)
But no ones respect or trust, and did you think it would be easy?
Life and conflict without bleeding, (so) release

Kill yourself for what it's worth – the truth

I had nothing left to show or did to begin, you were the one that once called me a friend
displace the blame away and burn your last bridge, I won't be there to help you build them again

Break, and take...Break...I'll be the one to tell of your mistakes
You take, I'll break it all open to find my own way

No lust for battle, so here's your eulogy:

Here lies a man, that once rose with respect, now a victim of his own circumstance

Dressed solemnly in white (beating myself for spite)
The priest reads out your descent
We're here to celebrate the life (reaching out for the light)
and not the death of false friends

so never come here again, or speak of sutured ends, I must confess.
Track Name: Cut From The Cloth
(again falling off)
I said, I said, I said it was wrong
(but not lashing out)
I know, I'm bound, I'm bound to fall off
(A sure sign of the weak)
So please, please leave, please leave me in peace
(the ones who crave empathy)
I know I am, disgraced by a world
that places value on suffering, only to realize
we're all from the same cut, yet some are more loosely spun

The unrelenting fanatics breed false fortunes of might;
we simply need the means to stay alive
And misery is handed on to me,
crowded hands reach for sympathy something I don't need

I'll never need nothing from something, something from nothing

Despite all the odds it seems I'm wrought by dissent, and I won't quit
or ever bear false witness, or push myself when I have nothing to show for it,
so let the distance spread

You always had the final word, but I'll have the last laugh

Cruel ambition, in pictures painted over; bright, yet just another disguise
Track Name: Dusk
Josh Josh Josh Josh Josh Josh Kaiser
Track Name: Electric Funeral (Cover)
Fuck you look them up on Google